Hello World!

I am Sharvanath Pathak, a Computer Science enthusiast. This is a new page, where I want to maintain a collection of all the elegant computer science problems that I encounter. Any other relevant articles might be published time-to-time. When I was in my school days, I loved the physics problem book by I.E. Irodov. I didn’t find any such good problem collection in CS while I was an undergraduate at IIT Guwahati. This site is anĀ endeavor to help the newer generations of undergraduates.

The problems are targeted towards undergraduate students, as I said. Another aspect is, I don’t want to have trivial problems up there. We already have bulk of other sites and books, which provide a lot of such problems. The idea is to have some good concept or trick behind each problem. The trick might be simple, but I want to make sure that anyone solving a problem get a smile after that. I personally don’t like long descriptions of problems, if they add little to the insight. Although writing long descriptions, that make the problem statement interesting, is completely acceptable.

I would like to get any volunteers who are as enthusiastic about this, and would like to join me in this endeavor. As I am a systems person, I would be specially interested to delegate other topics to more capable guys who are interested.

It would be great help if you could suggest any good problems. You can write your contact details and any other information together with the problem, if you want your question to be published with that information. You can also write the solution in the mail.

If you are interested in contributing or have any question, please send the mail to sharvanath@gmail.com, and the subject should be “generalcsproblems: whatever you wish to write here”.

I think you learn the most by phrasing and solving good questions, so happy questioning :).

Also make sure to share this information with others who might find this interesting.

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